ABBA - The Originals (CD album)

LIMITED EDITION 3 CD Boxed set including The Waterloo album an exclusive compilation and a third featuring Agnetha and Frida (M/M- slipcase is slight marked)


Waterloo (CD 1)
ABBA Waterloo 02:43
ABBA Sitting In The Palmtree 03:35
ABBA King Kong Song 03:09
ABBA Hasta Manana 03:07
ABBA My Mama Said 03:12
ABBA Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 03:11
ABBA Honey, Honey 02:54
ABBA What About Livingstone 02:54
ABBA Watch Out 03:46
ABBA Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 03:39
ABBA Suzy-Hang-Around 03:10

Arrival - Ring, Ring (CD 2)
ABBA Does Your Mother Know 03:11
ABBA Ring, Ring 03:02
ABBA On And On And On 03:38
ABBA When I Kissed The Teacher 03:01
ABBA If It Wasn't For The Nights 05:07
ABBA As Good As New 03:23
ABBA Eagle 05:45
ABBA Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 03:11
ABBA The Visitors 05:45
ABBA When All Is Said And Done 03:17
ABBA So Long 03:05
ABBA Bang-A-Boomerang 03:03
ABBA Me And I 04:54
ABBA Move On 04:41
ABBA Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 03:37
ABBA Arrival 03:00

Agnetha & Frida: The Voice Of ABBA (CD 3)
Agnetha Faltskog The Heat Is On 03:57
Frida I Know There's Something Going On 05:31
Agnetha Faltskog You're There 03:32
Frida To Turn The Stone 05:19
Agnetha Faltskog Just One Heart 03:46
Frida That's Tough 05:07
Agnetha Faltskog Turn The World Around 04:18
Frida I Got Something 04:06
Agnetha Faltskog We Should Be Together 04:02
Frida Shine 04:43
Frida Here We'll Stay 04:06
Agnetha Faltskog Wrap Your Arms Around Me 05:17
Frida Heart Of The Country 04:38

CD album
Polygram International (Germany)
Year of release
Catalogue no
4 037764000041