Q: If I make a large order can I reduce the cost of postage?

A: Yes you can. If you order to over 1,000DKK  (within Denmark) or 2000DKK (outside of Denmark) it will be sent without shipping charges.


Q: How long will it take for my order to reach me?

A: Most orders are sent within a few days but please remember this is a private record collection not a record store – the order is then sent via the local post office so the delivery time can take a little longer depending on your location in the world.


Q: What happens if my order fails to reach me or is not what I ordered or is damaged en route?

A: We offer 100% satisfaction. If your order is not as you wished please contact us at info@musik4sale.dk and we will sort out the problem as quickly as possible.


Q: How can I work out the cost of shipping?

A: Our standard shipping rate will be displayed along with your order. For larger orders please see above.


Q: Can I request signed for postage?

A: Yes you can but this will incur an extra charge, which we give you the price of along with the total cost of your items in Euros (within Europe) or US$ (outside of Europe) in our e-mailed reply.


Q:  Can I pay by credit or debit card?

A: No sorry, this is only a private collection. you can pay by PayPal – our address is info@musik4sale.dk.

You can also pay via our bank: Danske Bank

Reg. Nr. 4662 Account 3428141245



Swift address: DABADKKK, IBAN Account: DK0330003428141245, Bank: Danske Bank


Q: Is it possible to have CD singles mailed in jewel cases?

A: Yes it is but as these are very fragile and often get damaged (and may damage the contents) in the post we usually do NOT send them, preferring PVC pockets. We can include them but this is at your own risk. This also has to be a arranged by special request. Albums are sent in jewel cases as they are stronger and less prone to damage.


Q: How do I contact Musik4sale?

A: You can reach us via info@musik4sale. We will normally reply within 24 hours.


Q: What does the abbreviation PC mean?

A: This means Picture Cover (sleeve) and normally applies to 7” and 12” singles.